What is the reason for the sudden temperature rise during the use of the reducer

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14 what is the reason for the sudden temperature rise during the use of the reducer

In the process of using the reducer, we must always pay attention to its operation, especially the temperature of the bearing. If the temperature of the bearing rises a lot, it will certainly have a great impact. Tianjin reducer Co., Ltd. suggests that the temperature inspection must be done well during the operation of daily equipment, so that we can know the specific equipment situation. What if the temperature really rises more? How to solve such a problem?

Causes of temperature rise

The more important component of the reducer is the bearing. It is suggested that when purchasing equipment, you should start with the formal equipment of Tianjin reducer Co., Ltd. with guaranteed bearing quality, and professional and high-quality reducers can be used for a longer time. However, if a temperature rise is found during the use of the equipment, it is generally due to problems in lubrication. The use of inferior grease will lead to such problems, or there will be similar problems if the lubricating oil has not been replaced for a long time. If the equipment is used for a long time, the bearing has been damaged, which will also lead to similar problems.

Introduction of Solutions

Now that the problem has been found, the fault can be solved in time. Tianjin reducer Co., Ltd. suggests to check the lubrication first. If it is determined that it is not the problem of lubricating oil, the equipment can be disassembled for internal bearing inspection. If the equipment has been used for more than three years, but has not been returned to the factory for major maintenance, there may be problems with bearing failure. The bearing needs to be replaced or repaired in time before it can be restored to use.